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Computer songs and poems: filk authors

Yellow Subroutine

Anon, and Mark E. Sunderlin
The Programmer's Blues

Joerg Anslik
Not a boolean

Thomas Arneberg
Hello, my ASCII gal

Young European Radio Astronomers
My Data are Over the Ocean

Andrew L. Ayers
Admin's Lament
It's Linux!

Marcus Bales
Cyber-Netizen's Song
Surfing the Web on a Busy Evening

Falkirk Bard
An IBM User

David Barr
Berkeley California

Chris Barratt
All along the Ethernet
I crashed the sequel

Ken Bastholm
I've Got a Lovely Computer

Peter Baylies
G C C I Don't Love GNU You Don't Love C

Thaddeus Beier, Robert Frye, Robert Herndon, William Lindemann, Sarah Elizabeth Miller, and Michael John
I'm a Programmer

Windowsian Crapsody

J. Benson & J. Doll
I've Been Working on a Kernel
Sentimental Berwald
That's Life At Case

J. Benson, J. Doll, S. Fraim (with a little help from T. Recko)
The Devil Went Down to Crawford

J. Benson, J. Doll & S. Fraim
Hark! the Screaming Students Cry

John L. Berger

Anthony Berno
The Computerbury Tales

Nelson Bishop
I Want a New Bug
Leavin' Fed'ral Express
Little PC
Mr. Bossman
Ode to Amy (or: The Frontend Shuffle)
Please Release Me
These are are a Few of Our Favorite Machines

Terry Bollinger & The Watt Five
Comp Sci Serenade

Gordon Booman
That old time PDP

Ulrika Bornetun
C Hacker in Paradise
Computerized Girl
I'll never hack in this language again

Daniel Bowen
Losing my Connection

Bob Bradley
God Rest Ye Merry Network Fans

Jeffrey K. Bray
Ahh.. crash
The Bastard
I'm Hacking Up Some CNAME's
Uptown URL

Bri Bri

Brent C.J. Britton
Don't Have a Conniption
Software for Nothing

Sherna Burley
My Program Lies in the DEC-20

Peter L. Buschman
The VMS Mourning Song

Chesire Catalyst
The Hacker Song

Tim Cheney
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

Timothy P. Cheney
Old bit stream

Lars R Clausen
The alt.flamers song
Oh, Root
Setting Text in LaTeX
When I can't log in

Larry Colen

Albert Corda, Richard Holmes & David Kinder
602 is Coming to Core
99 Bugs in the Monitor Now
Away in QMANGR
Bye, Bye, System
The First TOPS-10
Magtapes Roasting
Over Hill, Over Caile
Stopcode Bells
The Twelve Days of Uptime
What Segment is This?
The Wonderful Hacker

Alan Cox, Leon Thrane, Jim Finnis, Alec Muffet & (?)
The Alternative Wall

Alan Cox
Forever Annoying
Linux Expo
Mr Shaver

Stuart McLure Cracraft

Matt Crawford
Cycles For Nothing

Fred Curtis
My Favourite Things

William Cutter
Crash Stuff
Wreck of the NESD-1

Don Data and the Res-Tones :-)
Silicon Valley Guy

Somewhere over the Network

Mikhail Demchenko
Surfers In The Night

Malcolm Dickinson
The Disks of UNIX

The Dragon
The Maven

Tony Duell
Every Cycle is Sacred
Glory, Glory Microcoding
The Hackers are Best
Hacking Iron
I'm a CoCo3 from Tandy
Just remember that you're flying o'er a disk pack....
Raster Operations
A Song of Computation
When I was a Lad

Adrian P. Dunston
Workin' on a SUN - The NCSU-CSC Blues

Jonathan Dursi
CAMM (Crustified Ancient of Main Memory)

Cic Ecimovic
Blyeah the Wall

Timotej Ecimovic

Clayton Elwell, J. Benson & J. Doll

Chats Don't Work

Jim Finnis
Berkeley 4.3

Jim Flanagan

Justin Fletcher
You Oughta Know

Emmanuel Fleury
The Lords of the OS

Emmanuel Fleury
The GNU Imagine

Cathy Flint, Eric Griswold, Scott Neugroschl
American Pie --- Hacker Style (Bye Bye, Unix)

Jeremy Forsythe
Jesus don't want me for a Sun machine
Run as you are
What did you download last night?

Richard A. Fowell
Ode To Menu Systems

Abe Friedman & Sarah Elizabeth Miller
The Crash of the Ten and Eleven

?Bruce Gaya
Computer Man

Greg Gerke
DP Man

Laura Glenn
On our First Day on Usenet

Lynn Gold
Rudolph, the Emacs Hacker

Berkelian Rhapsody
The Programmer's Viewpoint

Douglas "URL" Hamilton
Once I Built a Website
Wired Lullaby

Karl Hansen
The User and the Programmer

Stephanie Hanus
CS Major

Tim Harris / Peter Glasscock / Christopher Poole
The Keys Don't Work

Seth Horne

Matthew S. Huber
It's The End Of Our DOS As We Know It

Bill Hudson
Fifty ways to Crash your Windows

Kevin Hughes

C++ Writer

Frankeye Jones
The Underfull Badness Blues

Carolyn Jorgensen
Standard COBOL Structure Form

Guy L. Steele Jr.
BBN Superlisp
Both Ways, Now
I Could Have Tooled All Night
Lambda Bound
My Favorite Hacks
PLIate's Dream
Song of the Certified Data Processor
The Sound of FORTRAN
A Time for DWIM

Jonathan E. Katz
99 Buckets of Bits

Ken Kaufman
Network Pie

Kathy Kelley
The Engineer Song

Henry Kleine and Philip H. Roberts
Structured Programmer's Soliloquy

Knappy 8350428 @ UWAVM / decvax!utzoo!utcsrgv!roderick ?
Another Glitch in the Call

Marty Knight
A Visit from Saint Woz

Thomas Koenig

Thomas Koenig, Hubert Schaefer
Script for a Hacker's Tear

Rich Kulawiec
Unix Quandry

Allan L
Windows 95

Bill Laubenheimer
Blow Out
COBOL Programmer's Swing
FORTRAN Programs
Ole McMowle

Rhys Lawton
Computer Worthy

Mirian Crzig Lennox
You can call me K6voA72JsP39Zq9j5llL

Anastasia Levin

Steven Levine
A Better Model

Bill Lindemann and David Lilienfeld
The Hacker's Battle Hymn

Maarten Loss
Tap My Wire

Mark Lottor
Gateway To Net Ten

N. R. "Norm" Lunde
The Day SunOS Died

Jonathon Luning
Don't Call From Home

The Advanced Player
Always Look on the Bright Side of DrOsS
Bohemian Warranty
A Brighter Grade of SAIL
Bring Back My Dump Tape To Me
Deep Hacker
Emacs the Elephant
Filking on a Sunday Afternoon
The First GNU
For Auld Free Time
The Girl Who Dreams In Ada
The Grand Young Leeson Dork
Hackingham Palace
I Am The Chorus
I'm In Love With My Clone
I've Got a Brand New Server Binary
If I had a SCSI
Keep Good Company
OS California
P()/V() Rendezvous
Perl White [ alternatives requested ]
Pick a Packet or Two
Purple Hacks
Sweet Server
The TeddyClones' Picnic
The Wizard's Song
World-Wide Wizard
You're My Checksum

Scott Malcomson
Kitty of North Tempe

Brian Marshall
Satan C Compiler
Write in C

Jamie Mason, Additions by Wayne Throop (...!mcnc!aurgate!throop)
Unix Wizard

Jamie Mason
The Swapper
Waiting for The Sun

WPI in Mass, modified by Charles LaBrec and friends
God Rest Ye CS Students

Pat McCornack (with help from Clement Clarke Moore) ?
A Visit from a Silicon Impostor

Twit the Assistant (the Mighty Twit)

R. Merryman

Sarah Elizabeth Miller
CPU Delight
Hello, Solly
An Irish CPU
On the Net
When I'm Sixty Four

Sarah Elizabeth Miller, Abe Friedman, and Bill Lindemann
Those were the Days

Sarah Elizabeth Miller & Abe Friedman
Beautiful Program
Dasi, Dasi

Jack And The Y2K

Bill Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell and Jim Bostwick
The RSX VMS Lovers Song ("Wow, there's lots of stuff on that VAX")

Bruce Mitchell
The RSX Backup Song ("Are we back up yet?")
The RSX Support Song ("Thank you for your SPR")

Wes Morgan
Socket Man

Brad Morrison
Unix Man

Alec David Muffett
CRAY-S's coolant
Fork()ing on a Sun

The Multitasker
Windows Post

Chuck Musciano
Addicted To Vi

Michael John Muuss

Pongpakon Nantasenamat
Coding In C
I Should Have Known AOL Better
Magical Mystery Bug

Brad Needham
The Bell Labs UNIX System
A Hacker's Lot
Has Anybody Seen My Code?
Kludging My Software
Little Boxes
The Modern Software Manager

Sharon Neeman
Windows '95

Curtis O'Brien
Headache or Windows 95'

Jonathan Partington
I am the very model of a Genius Computational

Al Pena
Fifty Ways to Hose Your Code

Aubrey Philipsz

USian Pie
USian Pie

PMW, from DEC archives
Control-C Song

PMW & SG, from DEC archives
The Field Service Anthem

David Pogue
The Bill Gates Song
Gil Amelio's Coming to Town!
God Rest Ye Copland Programmers
Happily Addicted to the Web
I'm Dreaming of a Clean System
LViolent Night
Prove It's So
The Sounds of Silence

Joel Polowin
The Bug Came Back

Mike Portuesi
Into the Tube

Daniel R. Reitman
El Internet Pasa

Walter B. Rhodes
Bill's Windows Swill
Crashware Toasting All Your Open Apps

John Rudd
Everyone's Free (to document their system)

Adam Sah
The Boys of HP

EllioTT Schiff
Intel inside
You Can't Rush the Net

Michael G Schwern
Coding in Ruby

SG & PMW, from DEC archives

SG, from DEC archives
I'm a PDP-10 Wizard

Alan Sherman (singer), transcribed by Russell Street

Daniel Silverstone
The boy who couldn't keep his girlfriends

Hedley Simons
Errors for Nothing

Jared Smith
Floppy in a Disk Drive

Jackie Soares
Object Oriented Programmer's Soliloquy

Douglas Spencer
A is for Apple

Bridget Spitznagel
The Algorithms Tango
All-Nighter Hell
A Core for Ecclesiastes

Guy L. Steele / D.E. Knuth
Telnet Song

Elf Sternberg
Addicted to News

Larry Stone
Friend of the System

Peter Street

Russell Street
The DEC Man cometh
French Horn Concerto (for modem users)
I'm Typing Backwards for Christmas
VAX Raphosdy
What is a Hacker?

Andy Tannenbaum

Pat Terry
Ten little Modulans

Tony Thompson

David Tiberio
MP3 Killed the Media Star

Kristil Tillman

Nathan Torkington
The Wall 2

Dave Touretzky and Don Libes
The Hacker's Song

EileenET Tronolone
Gateway To Heaven

Amy Turner
The Chilled Water Waltz

The 12 computerised days of Xmas
Addicted to MUD
Another One
Are you a chataholic?
Boot It
Core dumped blues
CRASH! goes the System
Crasher's Song
The Data-comm Song
Dr. Seuss Explains
Emacs Wizard
Girls just wanna defun
A Graphic Song (It's a commie plot)
I want an RT
I'd Like to Buy Magnetic Tape
JES The mighty system
Lonely Users
The Longest Path
A More Effective Manager
My Favorite Things
PC:s are PC:s
Puff the Fractal Dragon
The Sounds of Science
Take me Down to the SunLab
That was the HASP my friend
Twas the Night Before Implementation
When you try to get work from the data network
Will The Real Bruce Perens Please Stand Up
The Worm before Christmas

Sally Vandershaf
The Balad of Dumb of S***

Michael Weber

Ariel Weinberg
All Through the Net

Lauren Weinstein
The Day Bell System Died

Roy H. Wells
The Computer Nevermore

Steven Weyhrich & Doug Cuff
The Wreck of the Apple II

Steven Weyhrich
Apple II Pie
Hack, Hack, Hack

patrick widener
Can't parse this

Tony Williams and Bill Mulert
16 Bits

Michael Wilsker
Fsck'ed by you

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