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Original song Unknown
Original artist Unknown
Filk author Curtis O'Brien

Headache or Windows 95'

Oh, Headache 95'
How I Hate You Now
I Wish I wouldn't of got you
I wish bought a cow....

I wouldn't get headaches...
but, I still would get $h!+
You are nothing but,
a loss of bunch of wits...

No Matter what I did
I wouldnt get a Mac...
So I would be stuck
with nothing but black.

I Think I am Sick of Writing this
Its nothing but a waste of time.
Its exaclty like ...
headache 95'

Well heres a story to tell..
I got headache 95'
It did nothing..
but eat up all my life...

It eats my memory ..
and thats not just my drive.
Its also my mind..
I am barly alive...

I think I am going to quit now..
because your an ache
thanx to you windows
I have a big headache....

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