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Original song Crush
Original artist Jennifer Paige
Filk author Jeffrey K. Bray
Intro A UNIX man by upbringing, I took a 3 year hiatus to work with NT exclusively.

Ahh.. crash

Ahh.. crash
Readin' the long event list
It doesn't take a scientist
To understand whats goin' on, baby
If you hear somethin' in the drive
Ain't no point to optimize
Let's hope Quantum cross-ships, baby

So let's just see, how long it'll be
They'll make a fuss and wish like hell they had their BSD
Now what'll ya do? Don't be blue
Not like you ever liked Windows NT

It's just a little crash
Not like it's been stable all that much
Adjust some little thing
It's like every CPU
Ooh, shuts down on you, ooh
Shutdown la la
Shutdown la la

Boy, I miss my STDIN [Standard In]
I've acted out an IT sin
I can save a little bit, maybe
A UNIX job - I might still score
Think that's what I'll be lookin' for
Only I'm LITTLE bit lazy

So let it be, then you'll see
There'll be a mess and files cross-linked over all drive D:
Here's what I'll do, I'll go to the loo
Leave it to Ted to admin the BDC

It's just a little crash
Well now we wait, all the way thru lunch
Again, I cannot ping
It's like every thing I do
Ooh, just turns to poo, ooh
Shutdown long long
Shutdown long long

My boss just sighs (I hate his ties)
Sharp jagged daggers in his eyes
I recommended NT (NT)

It's just a little crash
I guess I don't have that magic touch
My ears begin to ring
In like everything I do
Ooh, never thought it through, ooh
So long long long

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