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Original song Unknown
Original artist Unknown
Filk author Bill Laubenheimer

Blow Out

Like to tell you the story today about my cpu,
It does alot of different things that no one else can do,
Assembin' compilin' and all sorts of filin',
(But the) one main thing that results is a blow out every time,

Blow out, a blow out, the Vax had another blow out
Blow out, a blow out, doin' a change mode.
Blow out, a blow out, the Vax had another blow out
Blow out, a blow out, was it due to the heavy load.

Late one night in the middle of the term while George (4) soundly slept.
A cpu dropped a bit and promptly crashed the net.
A-machine wheezed,b belched, and fu's let out a shout,
And just as you would expect, the Vax had another blow out!


The freshman panicked, the sophomores screemed, the juniors quietly wept.
"What are we to do after the super users have left?"
The seniors said "Have no fear and get the phone book out,
We'll call George because, the Vax had another blow out."


They called George and woke him up and got him out of bed.
And when he heard their voices, he knew the Vax was dead.
"What is running that made the Vax bomb?
Did those stupid users finally run out of ROM?"

(They said) "The line has formed down the hall cause many programs are due
There is 263, 362, 363, 466, 467, 468, 695b, just to name a few.
We tried to fix it on our own, so we got the intructions out.
And heres what it says to do when the Vax has had a blow out."


The manual from DEC was to the point and very clear,
(it said) "No winding no batterys just kick it right here".
Well George, we tried it but it still refuses to run,
What are we supposed to do to get our assignments done?
(He said), "Dump the core and boot it once more, and tell the users not to pout
The only thing that happened is, the Vax had another blow out"


(So they) dumped the core and booted it once more and the disks began to spin,
Everyone was cheering because they knew it'd run again.
They thanked George politely because they had no doubts,
The Vax had just recovered from one of many blow outs.


Now you've heard the story today about our cpu,
It did alot of different things that no one else could do.
We're really gonna miss it when the when the memory finally dies,
but we'll know it'll have a grand blow out in the sky.


(4) guy that ran the computer at pur-ee.

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