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Original song Bobby Brown
Original artist Frank Zappa
Filk author Cic Ecimovic
Intro Blyeah the Wall is sort of a nickname of a friend of mine who is not exactly the mother hacker described, but he's trying to be, so this song should keep him happy a while...
Sorry Frank!

Blyeah the Wall

Hey there people, I'm Blyeah the Wall,
They say I'm the wildest hacker of all,
My hacks are swift and my code is shiney,
I tell all the sysops they can kiss my heinie.

Here I am on a famous node,
Surfing the net and increasing the load,
I got a sysop here wants my help with his debbug round,
Let him do all the job and then I'll shut all the net down.

    Oh god I am every guru's dream,
    I do not think I'm too extreme,
    An' I'm a hacker crashing the node,
    I'll bring down the net and skyrocket the load.

(bring a net, bring a net, bring all the net down)

System administration,
came creeping across the nation,
I tell you people I was not ready
when I was crashing this node by the name of fredy.

Sysop let a willy hack to core,
Aw, he tried to make my code abort,
He send my code signals, sliced my time down to nil,
I guess it's still connected but its child was killed.

    Oh god I am every guru's dream,
    But now I feel like a useless wimp,
    and I'm a misserable sonofabitch,
    am I a jerk or a hacker, I don't know which...

(I wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder...)

So I went out a got me root access,
I killed the init, and then most of the rest,
Ran a good job sending network to shutdown,
And none of the sysops even knew that I was round.

Eventualy my code spread through the net,
Sysops all went wild, doing all their best,
But they couldn't stop kernels crashing, CPUs smoking,
unless they got my help with their system poking.

    Oh god I am every guru's dream,
    with a hacks upon my sleave till it makes you scream,
    and I'll do anything to crash the node,
    I sit awake nights and increasing the load.

    Oh god, oh god I'm so fantastic,
    thanks to my hacks I'm a UNIX spastic,
    and my name is Blyeah the Wall,
    watch me now, I'll crash 'em all,
    and my name is Blyeah the Wall,
    watch me now, I'll crash 'em all... (etc.)

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