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Original song Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Original artist Queen
Filk author MaJoC
Intro This is actually a meta-filk, in response to being asked (for the Nth time) "where [I] get all those filks from".

Filking on a Sunday Afternoon

I log on at work on Monday morning
Tuesday brings a fragment of a tune
Words suggest themselves before it's time for sunny-down
I'll be filking on a Sunday afternoon.
Rhyme-researching every Wednesday evening (*ring* *ring*)
Thursday finds the subject coming true;
I used to sing in folk-clubs, but these days I dream in C,
Fridays I sit scribbling in the Loooooooooooouvre ...
I'm bound to be composing on a Saturday night
(There he goes again)
I'll be filking on a Sunday
filking on a Sunday
filking on a Sunday afternoon.

PS: If whoever posed the question last Friday (18th June 96) at about 1730 would care to come forward, proper thanks, and due credit for the inspiration, can be given.

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