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Original song You Oughta Know
Original artist Alanis Morrisette
Filk author Justin Fletcher
Intro I was testing out one of the MP3 front ends, like you do, when I came across a problem. If I quit the front whilst it was playing things and I'd got it configured to leave the music playing, it stopped the music. This annoyed me. And so, as the music had put me in the mood for a little rant, the following was born...

You Oughta Know

I want you to know,
I'm very pi$$ed off.
I hope you'll fix the bug, I'm b1tch-ing about
This feature irr-i-tates me
Does it annoy you like me ?
What possessed you to put in this feature ?

Does it make your b1oody fry ?
I wish that you would just die
I'm sure you thought it was really neat at the time.

'cos the software you gave,
had a bug that amazed me to writing this rather long email
And every time I use it now,
do you know I'll be thinking of you in your own steaming
entrails; in your own entrails
And I'll laugh at you there

And I'm here, to remind you,
Of mess you released out on to the world
I don't know, how you can live right now
When this brokenness,
that's annoy me.
You, ought to know.

You said all was well.
"It work well for me."
Doesn't work quite so well.
I thought you should know.

Did you forget an option ?
Mr deficiency,
I hate to make you look back at the source now.

It was annoying at first,
Now it's the bane of my life,
And do you think you could some day fix it ?

[Apologies to all!]

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