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Original song The Tennessee Waltz
Original artist Unknown
Filk author Amy Turner
Intro My contribution was inspired a few years back by a Cray that was cooled by chilled water. Every other day, it seemed, the chilled water system would die, leaving us with no computer on which to compute.

The Chilled Water Waltz

I was workin' and computin' on a week's worth of data
When the system just happened to crash.
I was cussin' and complainin', and while I was waitin'
My data was turned into trash.

I remember that night, how I turned and I tossed
Thinkin' 'bout all that work I had lost.
Yes, I lost two weeks of slavin' while the Muzak was playin'
The beautiful chilled water waltz.

When I found there was no backup, then I tore out my hair
'Cause I just didn't know what to do.
I had printed all my output, but that didn't work either;
All my print jobs were stuck in the queue.

I remember the day I accepted this job
And was told of the system's great faults.
Hope I never have the pleasure of hearing even one more measure
Of the sickening chilled water waltz.

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