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Original song Yesterday
Original artist The Beatles
Filk author John L. Berger
Intro "Yesterday" by John L. Berger, Mechanicsburg, PA appeared in the May '96 edition of Enterprise Systems Journal (With apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney)


All my troubles seemed so far away.
Microsoft brought new ones here to stay.
Oh, how I wish for yesterday.

Nothing works at all efficiently.
GPFs are running rampantly.
Oh, Microsoft, just please leave me!

Why we had to go
To Windows 95
I couldn't say.
Windows just works wrong.
How I long for yesterday.

OS/2 was praised triumphantly
But was marketed pathetically.
Now 95 is haunting me.

Why 95 is alive
I just can't say.
Bill just stole the Mac
And went back
To Yesterday.

Ah yesterday --
So where do I want to go today?
To a place where Gates is far away.
Oh, how I wish for yesterday.

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