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Original song Keep Good Company
Original artist Queen
Filk author MaJoC
Intro The system in question still out-performs an XT, and gives sterling (if idiosyncratic and same-day) service as an edit box. With apologies to MFH for a job badly done.

Keep Good Company

Take good care with what you get
My trade rags said to me
No matter how seductive their
Performance figures be
Don't fool with tools which flout the rules
Keep all Good Company
Ooo Hoo, Ooo Hoo
Take care to fall in with The Clones
They keep Good Company.

Build for me an SBC
With very fast A-to-D
A ten-meg data-capture rate
On twelve-bit inputs four
But no development machine
To keep it Company
Ooo Hoo, Ooo Hoo
Come prove the principal behind
My start-up Company.

I knew precisely what to bill them for
Demanding nothing less and nothing more
Of the bugs that appeared
One proved so downright weird
That no hardware quite got out the door.

We grieved and went our seperate ways
My sphere of interests grew
Linked to the world by good ol' faithful
And e-mail and the newsgroups brought
Unlimited Company.

And then last year our building was
Rewired for 10Base-T ....

All through the years in the end it appears
I was not impressing anyone but me.

Now I'm back to floppy-net
And no-one cares to see
My dying system's hardware
Take care to fall in with The Clones
They Keep Good Company.

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