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Original song Galaxy Song (from Meaning of Life)
Original artist Monty Python
Filk author Tony Duell

Just remember that you're flying o'er a disk pack....

Just remember that you're flying
over a disk pack that's revolving
and revolving
at 90,000 revs an hour
and seeking at 100 tracks a second
so its reckoned
for a system that is the source of all our power.
The disk and you and me,
and all the files that we can see
are transfering at 180,000 bytes a sec,
in an outer system rack at 25,000 blocks an hour
for controller that was made by DEC

The controller itself is called an RK11-C
Its 10 and a half inches side to side
It's made from flip-chip, that is plain to see
and the data path is 16 bits wide
We're 15 devices from the bus arbitor,
we get served every 200 millisec,
and our system is just one of hundreds and thousands
on the amazing and expanding UNIBUS

The UNIBUS itself keeps on transfering
and transfering
all of the data it can whiz.
as fast as it can go,
it's asynchronous you know,
3 million bytes a second and thats the fastest that there is
So remember when you're waiting for the Non-processor grant,
how amazingly unlikely is a crash,
And pray that someone's changed the filters last week,
or we will soon be ready for the trash !!!!!!

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