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Original song Walking on the Sun
Original artist Smashmouth
Filk author Adrian P. Dunston
Intro Leazar is a building on NCSU campus that holds their largest SUN Sparc lab. You are required to pass all programming classes with a C or better, hence the C-Wall. NCSU HP's are slow.

Workin' on a SUN - The NCSU-CSC Blues

It ain't no joke.
You are in college so you're broke,
And got no time, your chosen major's CSC,
And got no sleep, you're always wakin' and you're shakin'
Cuz you know if you don't work what the consequence will be.
Yeah they will hold you back.
You'll think they're smokin crack,
When s'time to pull out TRACS,
And you watch those classes stack.
And it's the C-wall that'll get you, man what's with that shit?
If you can't pass programming class, you'll be retaking it.

    So don't delay, code now, and try to put Netscape down.
    Might help wherever you are
    If you could get to Leazar
    Cuz Objectcenter will help you be a winner you see
    HP's ain't fun. You might as well be workin' on a SUN!

Twenty-Five days ago some bloke assigned a project,
With function definitions and the code they invoke,
But you broke out with your friends and started veggin'
With "Samurai Showdown" hell maybe some "Outrun"
Project gets rolled up,
Now you're holed up,
So you fold up,
Take assignment out and try to set some goals up,
But you waited far too late. It's the due date
And you're loading and coding at some lunatic rate.

    So don't delay, code now, and don't be goofing around
    Don't think you'll get out alive,
    When test grades start to arrive.
    Do it today, don't put off till tomorrow. Hey, bud,
    Stop be'n a bum, you might as well be workin' on a SUN!!

It ain't no joke when you got Computer Science work
Cuz your teacher isn't helping. The TA's a jerk
You got this homework, a project, and a lab to do.
Gonna have to be up till 3:30 'fore I get this through.
So you'll just Code this Code that
See f'you can push due dates back
Work it, pal. You're GPA is under attack.
You'd better hack before the FAQ puts you away
You need to get that 2.7 to matriculaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaate!!

    So don't delay, code now, though this is useless. Somehow
    You know yourself all to well, procrastination from hell
    You know you'll wait till the last
    Try using something that's fast
    You know the one. Ya might as well be workin' on a SUN!!!

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