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Original song Those were the Days
Original artist Mary Hopkin
Filk author Sarah Elizabeth Miller, Abe Friedman, and Bill Lindemann

Those were the Days

(to the same tune)
by Sarah Elizabeth Miller, Abe Friedman, and Bill Lindemann

Once upon a time there was a DEC tape
Where we used to store a file or two,
Where we used to while away the hours
Playing games with Barton's CPU.

Those were the days, my friend,
With Doctor Vandelinde
Who tried his best to make us go away.
We'd use up file space
Which he could not erase
Those were the days. Oh, yes, those were the days.

Through the door I heard familiar laughter.
I saw you were logged in on "".
Though programs have a way of disappearing,
In the core the games are still the same.


Monopoly and seawar are amusing
As well as maze and wumpus and the rest.
Though far away from Barton we may wander,
In our hearts its CPU's the best.


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