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Original song People are People
Original artist Depeche Mode
Filk author Unknown

PC:s are PC:s

PC:s are PC:s
So why should it be
Yours and mine communicate so awfully

PC:s are PC:s
So why should it be
We cannot communicate with the RS-232C?

So they're different makes
And they're different breeds
And different PC:s have different needs
You tell me that you hate this
That I've done something wrong
I've only followed the manual so what could
I have done

I can't comprehend
Why aren't the bytes
At the other end
Help me comprehend

Help me comprehend

Now it's punching
And it's clicking
And it's beeping at me
I'm relying on the salesman's guarantee
So far no bytes have surfaced
Of the ones that I sought
They just take a while to travel
From its RAM to its port

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