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Original song Somewhere over the Rainbow
Original artist Unknown (from the Wizard of Oz movie)
Filk author decvax!duke!unc!bch

Somewhere over the Network

by decvax!duke!unc!bch
(to the tune of Somewhere over the Rainbow)

Somewhere over the network,
There waits news.
News flies over the network
To where? There are no clues.

I sit waiting for digests,
Can't you see
Some small part of my heart leaps
when I see uucp.

Somewhere across the telephone lines,
where Lauren plays and Upstill pines,
they're waiting;
The crazies who will flame at me
on poli-sci and arms-dash-d and ARPA-gating.

Somewhere over the network,
news flies free,
news flies over the network
why not, why not to me.

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