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Original song Friend of the Devil
Original artist Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter
Filk author Larry Stone

Friend of the System

Submitted by Jeff Brandenburg
Sung to the tune of "Friend of the Devil"
by Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter

I logged on to the Ed-VAX, left a trail of coffee grounds.
Didn't get to sleep that night 'til the morning came around.

Said I'll run my program but it will take some time;
A friend of the System is a friend of mine.
If I get done before daylight,
I just might write some code tonight.

Ran into the System, baby, and it tried to blow me off.
Spent the evening learning Pascal but still all it does is scoff!


I tried to run the editor, but the System caught me there;
It took my FORTRAN program and it vanished in the air!


Got two reasons why I stay awake each night and day;
The first one's name I can't pronounce, but he is my TA.
The second one's my college Dean, 'cause I'm about to fail!
She says if I don't pass C.S. I won't be long at Yale.

Got a program in T-Lisp, baby, and one in FORTRAN IV.
The first one has a hundred bugs but the other one has more!


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