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Original song Seaside Rendezvous
Original artist Queen
Filk author MaJoC
Intro I *knew* there was a reason for getting all those computing-theory textbooks.

P()/V() Rendezvous

C-style, I offer a meg of memory
For communicating what we feel inside,
Meanwhile, I ask you to share this app of mine ---
You say you would if you could but you can't ---
My love's no trifle,
Let half my algorithm Run Away with your cycles,
Synchronised by our highly reliable
P()/V() rendezvous.

Our user's frantic, wants to do it again,
Can we do it in half the time?
(Grease that lightning)
Fantastic! c'est si vite, mesdames et messieurs ---
Devolving part of the task to
Available processors
With cycles spare --- it's so fashionable ---

We're synchronising, wi' no strain,
Good for twenty threads or more
(Classic synchronising)
Kept in lock-step by semaphores,
It's such a jolly good system, as a matter of fact
At top speed je t'adore ---

Hands across the backplane
Together we'll find this task a breeze,
(Linked by silvery fibre)
Crunching numbers left and right,
Meanwhile, I ask you to run this code of mine ---
You say you'd have to ask your scheduler for time ---
We'll be the great Task Weavers,
Threads upon the local bus and over the Ether,
There'll be no races, just the sensational
P()/V() rendezvous (what efficiency),
P()/V() rendezvous (ooh-ooo),
P()/V() rendezvous (give us a byte).

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