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Original song Sweet Lady
Original artist Queen
Filk author MaJoC
Intro Actually I *was* thinking of Babylon 5 at the time.

Sweet Server

You call me up and grep me for a dog
You call it up and DMA some hide
You shade in high relief
You melt me down
You mouse around
Demand I talk to you alone.

Sweet server
Sweet server
Sweet server ... stay sweet.

You say:
"You call me up and feed me all the lines
"A wedge with holes in, like some kind of cheese
"Falling off a shelf
"You clog me up
"You slow me down
"I'm just a tool to render your tones.

"And you say:
"Sweet server
"Sweet server
"Sweet server ... (ooh) ... stay sweet."

My sweet server
Though the rendering takes forever
Stay sweet server
Between us we're an animator's dream.

[ PS: "It's Tom and Jerry, Jim, but not as we know it." ]

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