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Original song A Song of Patriotic Prejudice (The English are Best)
Original artist Flanders and Swann
Filk author Tony Duell
Intro You can replace F-ing with the obvious thing if you want an 'X-rated' version. The mention of the headcrash and servo microcode refers roughly to a problem with the DEC RA90 disk drive, where updating the microcode program on the servo processor could cause HDA problems (although not an actual headcrash)

The Hackers are Best

The Hackers, the Hackers, the Hackers are Best!
I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest

The day-to-day use of this system of ours
We've left in the hands of three unfriendly powers
Examine the Serviceman, User, or Op
You'll find he's a luser with nothing up top.

The oper is mean, as we're all well aware
And if you crash the system, he's sure to go spare
He deletes our print jobs, he works all the day
And he hasn't the source code to show him the way

The Hackers, the Hackers, the Hackers are best
I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest

The serviceman now our contempt is beneath
He swaps random parts and he strips all the teeth
He causes headcrashes, or so I have heard
And blames it on the servo microcode word

The Hackers are vocal, the Hackers are nice
And worth any other at double the price

The User writes programs, which crash when they can
Not assembler code, but unstructured Fortran
He works all the day with a Mouse in his hand
And has problems with bitwise binary AND

And out on the network, you cannot say much
For the IBM or DEC, the Sequent or such
The support is useless, they make us see red
And they work the hours when we should be in bed

The Hackers are moral, the Hackers are good
And clever, and modest, and misunderstood

And all the world over, each system's the same
They've simply no notion of being insane
They chose obvious password, they leave when they're done
And they read the F-ing manual, which ruins the fun

The Hackers, the hackers, the hackers are best
So up with the Hackers and down with the rest

It's not that they're wicked or naturally bad
It's knowing they're lusers that makes us so mad

For the Hackers are all that a people should be
And the flower of the Hackers are [Insert net.god here] and me

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