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Original song The Boxer
Original artist Simon and Garfunkel
Filk author Jeffrey K. Bray
Intro A tribute to the Bastard Operator From Hell

The Bastard

I am just a port boy,
Though our stock has seldom sold
We have squandered our resistors
For a socket full of traffic, that's our product list
All CLI's and tests
Kill a LAN,
Fear what you wanna fear
And userdel the guests

When I rm'ed (arr-emmed) /home (slash-home), recursed the tree,
I thought I was bein' coy,
Ignoring all the dangers
From the safety of my workstation, wasn't scared

Runnin' slow,
Writing all kinds of poor-code sorters
How was I supposed to know?
Looking for some spaces, to disrupt the flow

La-la-la la la-la-la

Swapping out the mem'ries pages,
I'm "kill -9"'ing all the jobs,
But I get off on hers,
(Just a coder from the store on Seventh Avenue)

She does declare,
All her types,
I think that is so awsome
So, I take some comfort there

La-la-la la la-la-la

"The operator's a bastard",
"He's from hell", the users say
So I cancel their reminders
Counted each host I made go down

Removed'em till they cried out,
In their anger of my name,
"Get the backup, get the backup"
But the bastard still remains

La-la-la la la-la-la

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