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Original song Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Original artist Huddie Ledbetter
Filk author Jeremy Forsythe
Intro by Huddie Ledbetter (also on Nirvana Unplugged in New York)

What did you download last night?

PC, PC, don't lie to me
tell me what did you download last night
was it porn? was it porn?
was it nasty, filthy porn?
I'm disconnecting you

Verse 1:
PC, PC, what will you do?
I'm disconnecting you
because the porn, because the porn
because the nasty, filthy porn
that's why I'm disconnecting you

Verse 2:
The PC was a P-133
no equal within a mile from here
it's cord was found in the outlet
but the log never was found

Verse 1

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