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Original song Walk On the Ocean
Original artist Toad the Wet Sprocket
Filk author Andrew L. Ayers
Intro To be honest, I got the idea for this song after reading and singing a few of the ones already on this site. So, I thought I would see if I could write one up, and for some reason, the song I wanted to fit it to was "Walk On the Ocean" - go figure...

Admin's Lament

I spotted the server, at the back of the room...
What is it doing, so far away?
Some admin once told me, this is the place
Where Linux runs better, and everything's safe.

Log on the system,
su to root.
System is stable,
No need to reboot.

So half an hour later, tech support call...
"Send someone else" I yelled down the hall.
Boss knew I wasn't kidding, but he smiled just the same.
"User has bluescreened," he said, "Fix it!"


So I'm now with the user,
Whose BO makes you choke!
The user doesn't know you,
To him you're a joke.

Now he hasn't got a picture.
His machine's dead and cold.
Reinstall Windows...
As I slowly grow old...


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