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Original song Afternoon Delight
Original artist Starland Vocal Band
Filk author Sarah Elizabeth Miller

CPU Delight

(to Afternoon Delight)
by Sarah Elizabeth Miller

Started out one morning with a hopeful heart.
Sitting down at a terminal all ready to start
. My fingers stretching out to hit the terminal keys,
Just waiting for the sign that says "login please."

Words, nybbles, and bytes,
CPU delights,
CPU delights,
CPU delights.

Came back later on to run "space-point-bas"
Hoping that the system wouldn't want to crash.
Found dinner time had passed before I was through,
My program taking minutes in the CPU.


Be running UNIX when I'm logging on.
We'll be running "RIVER" 'til the night is gone.

Sunrise's time to run the program called "account,"
Finding out I've overspent it by a huge amount.
But to get the program running is my one delight.
So, I'm sitting here typing 'til the morning light.


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