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Original song My Favorite Things
Original artist Rodgers and Hammerstein
Filk author Guy L. Steele Jr.

My Favorite Hacks

[to be sung to the tune of My Favorite Things
from The Sound of Music]

Circular MAPCAR and ANDCA'd negation,
Indirect JMP auto-incrementation,
Tangled spaghetti embroidered in stacks:
These are a few of my favorite hacks.

Mismatched DEFINE-TERMIN pairs with .QUOTEing,
Misbalanced brackets for macroed remoting,
PDP-6's with chess tourney plaques:
These are a few of my favorite hacks.

LAMBDAs as GO TOs and spooling on TPLs,
Flip-flops and bit drops and TRCE's in triples,
Crufty heuristics that prune minimax:
These are a few of my favorite hacks.

When the bugs strike,
When the disks crash,
When I read this verse, I simply remember my favorite hacks
And then I feel even worse!

-- The Great Quux
(with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein)

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