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Original song The Prophet's Song
Original artist Queen
Filk author MaJoC
Intro See also Ridley Scott's sixty-second film, first publicly seen on January 22nd (Super Bowl Sunday), 1984.

The Wizard's Song

Oh Oh people of the WAN
Listen to my warning
The guru he said
Beware the chaos gathered here
Listen to the wise man.

I dreamed I read in a newsgroup spare
Spreading his words to the multitude there
A man who cried for a CISC gone stale
On motherboards of parity bare.
I watched in fear for the old man's gaze
Saw each advance a deeper grave
Progress No Way, I saw him say
And grey is the face of every user.

Oh Oh readers of the earth
Listen to the warning
The wizard he said
Behold a golden ball and chain
Shackled by your own hand.

Oh Oh children of the LAN
Dare to make a difference
Yes you can
The power cowers caged within
Reboot and release it.

He told of death as a wall of grey
Build 'em as clones, run them all one way
Late too late all the wretches run
New virus checkers every day.
Diversity is a heart-sick joke
Fearing that single fatal stroke
This nest of snakes in two will break
And chaos and waste will be your wages.

Oh Oh readers of the earth
Listen to the warning
The guru he said
For those who dare to cut and run
Listen for the Ninth Plan.

Oh Oh --- by ones and twos they'll hear the news

And run
something of their own
something of their own
wild and free.
Reclaim your world
Who heed me not, let your investments make you
Fear for your world
Deceive you not, the MBAs will take you
Heat Death awaits you.

See through the waste Big Brother's face
Put faith in the future, hurl the hammer.

Oh Oh children of the LAN
Work towards the answer
Take my hand
The screen grows dim, a droid I hear
"Listen to the Ad Man!"

But still I dream and still I dare to
Laugh with the Madman.

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