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Original song Blowin' in the wind
Original artist Bob Dylan
Filk author Joerg Anslik

Not a boolean

How many code must a man type in
Before you can call him a man?
How many C must a compiler process
Before it can sleep in the RAM?
How many times must MS-DOS crash Before it is forever banned?

The answer, my friend
Is not a boolean
The answer is not a boolean.

How many times must a man read his source
Before he can see what is wrong?
How many memory must his system have
Before he can use 'unsigned long'?
How many errors will it take till he knows
That there's still some work to be done?


How many years can a program exist
Before it's erased from drive C:\ ?
How many years must known bugs exist
Before you get an update for free?
How many times can a drive move its head
And pretend there's no data to read?


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