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Original song The Sound of Silence
Original artist Simon and Garfunkel
Filk author Unknown

The Sounds of Science

Hello lab work my old foe
I've come to feel my anger grow
I have to find your composition
Using your spectograph emission
But I can't, and I'm on my seventh try
I start to cry
These are the sounds of science

My test tube shatters with a pop
The gunk eats through the tabletop
Through all the science labs in Thimann
You can hear the students screamin'
And my own voice rises up above the rest
I'm so depressed
These are the sounds of science

The tabletop begins to smoke
The students all begin to choke
The TA hurries to my station
And then dies of asphyxiation
And I whine "I'm having trouble with this class
I hope I pass."
These are the sounds of science

The deadly smoke goes through the halls
And peels the paint right off the walls
And then I note with aggravation
This means a bad evaluation
And I breathe a long and melancholy sigh
And then I die
These are the sounds of science

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