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Original song 16 Tons
Original artist Merle Travis
Filk author Tony Williams and Bill Mulert

16 Bits

(to the tune of 16 Tons)
by Tony Williams and Bill Mulert

Some people say computers are made outta chips,
Digital logic and binary bits.
Takes a technical jerk to wanna make it run,
So I went to computer-mart and bought myself one.

Ya load 16 bits, and whattya get ?
64K and a floppy diskette.
At $1200 it's surely inane,
You get a Biorhythym chart and a video game.

I was born one morning in a software mine,
I picked up my keyboard and I entered a line.
I loaded some BASIC, I loaded FORTRAN,
But nothing I loaded into COBOL ran.

Ya load 16 bits, and whattya get ?
64K and a floppy diskette.
IBM don't ya call me 'cause I gotta regroup,
I'm stuck right now in an infinite loop.

Well, I sat at the keyboard with the Programmer's Itch,
But everything I entered ran into a glitch.
I messed up ma memory, ma register gates,
Made me wanta fold, spindle, and mutilate.


I got a serial modem with dual disk packs,
The house I once owned is now Radio Shack's.
30 I/O ports to do as ya will,
If the price don't get ya then the light bill will.


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