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Original song Pretty Woman
Original artist Roy Orbison
Filk author Stephanie Hanus

CS Major

CS major
Write some code for me
CS major
You could write in C
CS major
I don't believe you
Have you read Knuth?
Lots of algorithms to choose
CS major
Won't you program for me
CS major
Could use argv and argc
CS major
Your code is lovely as can be
Did you learn from Dennis Ritchie

CS major type awhile
CS major pipe awhile
CS major please compile for me
CS major yeah yeah yeah
CS major link away
CS major run that a.out for me

'Cause I need it --
That code you write
Comment it baby
Document it right

CS major
Don't leak a byte
CS major
Don't crash one time
CS major
Don't let that named pipe break
Access violation is not OK
Please don't overflow the stack
If you take memory, give it back
By using free()
Or in C++, delete
Yeah, in C++ delete
Ohhhhh, CS major

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