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Original song The Girl From Ipanema
Original artist Astrud Gilberto
Filk author MaJoC
Intro Group unknown [ Enlightenment humbly requested ]

The Girl Who Dreams In Ada

Young and tall and wild and randy
The girl who dreams in Ada goes a'hackin'
And as she edits
    Each file she edits
    Goes Argh

Fingers dance the Keyboard Samba
Like lines of code are goin' out of fashion
And each workstation
    On compilation
    Goes Argh

        how I'd love to employ her
        can I trap her exception
        need programmers so badly
    But each time that I walk through her C
    It stinks like a sockful of pee

Young and tanned and proud and lonely
The girl who dreams in Ada goes a'hackin'
But though she winningly smiles
    I just cannot see
    What use it would be
    Her bringing to me
    Incontinent C

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